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U.S. watchdog to review airline safety program 13th of September 2012
FAA lets American Airlines pilots replace 35 pounds of paper with iPad tablets 12th of September 2012
Thousands rally against US deployment of Osprey aircraft on Japan's Okinawa island 12th of September 2012
Pilots hard-landed CRJ200 as storm foiled go-around 12th of September 2012
Safety experts seek predictive evolution 5th of September 2012
USAF reiterates that Combat Edge vest is the cause of Raptor’s maladies 29th of August 2012
Buzz Aldrin: Neil Armstrong Was 'The Best Pilot I Ever Knew' 28th of August 2012
Flight aborts landing, given go-around to avoid collision (Mumbai, India) 27th of August 2012
Qantas grounds 2 pilots who reportedly quarreled in cockpit of jumbo jet at Dallas airport 22nd of August 2012
Pilot's cellphone use may have been partial cause of fatal plane crash in B.C. 20th of August 2012
Green laser forces Coast Guard helicopter to land 10th of August 2012
JetBlue pilot has psychotic episode in prison 10th of August 2012
Pentagon eases flight restrictions on Air Force's F-22 Raptor jets 26th of July 2012
Cool heads must prevail in fatigue debate 3rd of July 2012
Aviation accidents more often than believed: Australian agency 1st of June 2012
English Skills a Concern as Global Aviation Grows 23rd of May 2012
Safety experts, celebrities want aviation-like agency to protect patients 21st of May 2012
Caffeinated gum keeps Israeli pilots, commandos alert 21st of May 2012
FAA "Errors" On Fatigue Rules Exemption 21st of May 2012
Ignition of oxygen bottle forces OLT A320 to divert 21st of May 2012