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JetBlue flight diverts to Denver due to passenger 4th of February 2013
Dutch 737 pilot locked out of cockpit while co-pilot sleeps 4th of February 2013
FAA Forms Committee to Study Portable Electronic Devices 31st of January 2013
Laser pointer forces Coast Guard aircraft to abort landing 31st of January 2013
Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Poor sleep can affect your love life 29th of January 2013
ATSB Report - Pilot incapacitation while operating a Robinson R44 Helicopter 24th of January 2013
Co-pilot briefly faints on flight to Las Vegas 24th of January 2013
Vancouver Transit Police leave bomb on passenger jet, lose it 23rd of January 2013
FAA Grounds 787s 17th of January 2013
FAA Encourages Pilots To Hand Fly More 17th of January 2013
ANA, Japan Air ground Boeing 787s after emergency landing 17th of January 2013
FAA to pilots: Turn off personal devices in the cockpit 16th of January 2013
FAA Cites Cost for Excluding Cargo Pilots in New FAR 117 19th of December 2012
ATSB - No blame investigations 17th of December 2012
Altitude Limits Retained as USAF lifts F-22 restrictions 16th of December 2012
FAA's medical institute marks 50 years 13th of December 2012
FAA Rejects Request From Cargo Pilots for Greater Rest 13th of December 2012
Video: Navy's unmanned X-47B performs taxi tests aboard aircraft carrier 12th of December 2012
FAA may ease certification standard to be pilot 11th of December 2012
A systematic review of the effectiveness of safety management systems 10th of December 2012