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AOPA insists FAA withdraw sleep apnea policy 25th of November 2013
FAA Medical Chief Targets Fat Pilots And Controllers 20th of November 2013
6 passengers fall ill on flight from Germany to O'Hare 17th of September 2013
NTSB Blames Pilot's Medications For Deadly 2010 Plane Crash In Tulsa 12th of September 2013
Public 'backs pilots' on work hours after it is revealed they could be awake for 22 hours 28th of August 2013
Brain Lesions More Common in High-Altitude Pilots, Study Finds 19th of August 2013
Smoke in Qantas cockpit, pilots hospitalised 30th of July 2013
Pilots Hide Prescription Drug Use, Create Deadly Trend 17th of July 2013
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EASA Refines Human Factors Competencies For Inspectors 9th of July 2013
When Poor Aircraft Maintenance Costs Lives 2nd of July 2013
FAA chief says Boeing 787 battery decision likely soon 18th of April 2013
Dark Lightning Zaps Unknowing Airline Passengers with Radiation During Flight 12th of April 2013
NTSB Probes Case of Texting Helicopter Pilot 10th of April 2013
Visual Flight Rules in Instrument Meteorological Conditions and controlled flight into terrain invol... 4th of April 2013
Human Pilots Are a Problem, and Robot Controlled Planes May Be the Solution 26th of March 2013
American Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Dulles after first officer gets sick 26th of March 2013
F-35B makes first vertical takeoff-landing at MCAS 25th of March 2013
Junkyard genius builds world's first racing airplane for endurance race 20th of March 2013