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3rd of September 2019

Humans in Space - Challenges for exploration 2019

The Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine invites you to register for the “Humans In Space: Challenges for Exploration” short course to be held 3-7 September 2019 at Novotel on Collins, Melbourne, Australia. For further details see our events page

The newly developed and expanded course will cover a broad range of topics relevant to the human factors issues of human aeronautics and space flight. The program will be multidisciplinary, addressing the physiological, medical, and psychosociological issues that are unique to space flight and planetary exploration as well as the challenges these issues present to human mission success. The course is targeted for an audience that ranges from the aerospace enthusiast to the medical professional; from the ab initio students to graduates of related disciplines who wish to consolidate and extend their knowledge. While the course focuses on space flight, many of the physiological and medical issues discussed are also manifested in test pilots, flight test engineers, and individuals in extreme or remote environments.

Course material will be delivered through plenary lectures, small- group practical workshops and simulations. The content covers topics applicable to all forms of human spaceflight giving a good grounding in the basic physiological and environmental challenges facing human in space. You’ll learn about:

• the space environment
• microgravity and artificial gravity
• orbital mechanics
• physiological consequences and adaptations of space flight • life support systems
• the psychology of expeditionary behaviour, and
• medical aspects of commercial space tourism
• a simulated Mars mission
• medical support for deep space exploration
• the psychological challenges of long duration missions
• prolonged effects of microgravity
• novel space suit designs for exploration missions, and
• space tourism

This course constitutes a residential course component towards a unit of study in Space Medicine as part of the Healthcare of Remote and Extreme Environments run by the University of Tasmania (UTAS). Completion of “Humans in Space: Challenges for Exploration” would be considered under Recognition of Prior learning provisions for graduates who wish to enrol in the UTAS program.

Details of the Graduate Certificate program are available here.

Details of the Humans in Space component of this program are available here