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23rd of November 2012

Glasses that cure jet leg an Aussie world first

A newly-launched green light device which resets your body clock could beat jet leg and help insomniacs, say Flinders University researchers.

The device, worn like sunglasses and known as Re-Timer, was launched in Adelaide on Wednesday by researchers who say it's a world-first.

Chief inventor Professor Leon Lack said the device emits a soft green light onto the eyes.

It could help high flyers beat jet lag, keep shift workers more alert and get teenagers out of bed in the morning by re-timing the body's internal clock.

Advertisement "The light from Re-Timer stimulates the part of the brain responsible for regulating the 24-hour body clock," he said.

Body clocks vary regularly over a 24-hour cycle, but this is often impaired by staying indoors, travelling to other time zones, working irregular hours or a lack of sunlight during winter, he said.

"Our extensive research studies have shown that green light is one of the most effective wavelengths for advancing or delaying the body clock, and to date, is the only wearable device using green light."

People wanting to fall asleep and wake earlier should wear the glasses for three days for 50 minutes each day after waking in the morning to advance the body clock, he said.

Those wanting to sleep and wake later should wear them for 50 minutes before bed to delay the body clock.

Re-Timer, which has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, costs $273.90

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