"Promoting the science of aerospace medicine"

Dr. Gordon G. Cable


A graduate of the University of Sydney, Gordon is a specialist in aerospace medicine, and a designated aviation medical examiner for CASA and CAD Hong Kong. His professional affiliations include:

  • Fellow of the Australasian College of Aerospace Medicine.
  • Clinical Senior Lecturer, In the Discipline of Public Health, University of Adelaide.
  • Honorary Member of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine. (Committee member since 1996 and past president).
  • Member of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine.
  • Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association.
  • Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Gordon is a Senior Aviation Medical Officer for the ADF, and has been a consultant to the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medicine since 1996. He has worked part time as a medical officer for CASA's aviation medicine section in aeromedical certification and complex case management. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Aviation Medicine from the University of Otago (NZ), and a Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety Management from the University of Adelaide. The author of many scientific publications, his professional interests include:

  • Altitude physiology of hypoxia and hypobaric decompression illness.
  • Hypoxia awareness training of military and civilian aircrew.
  • Postgraduate education in aerospace medicine for medical professionals.

In his civilian clinical practice Gordon takes a particular interest in the management and certification of complex aeromedical cases, and education of aircrew in health, safety and performance issues.